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"We have something in common. We want you to look back on your photos and relive those cherished memories. 

My style, joyful and elegant. I play with natural lights and beautiful surroundings, document spontaneous moments and intimate emotions."




We'd love to chat with you about your vision of your day. Every wedding is unique. After learning more about your event, we offer you a bespoke custom-tailored collection, based on your needs . To ensure we  can give each couple our very best, we only take on a limited weddings per year.  

Enjoy below some of Lux Filmography's finest memories!

OvE by the sea 

Weddings in Athens by the sea.

Photographs are the proof that once,  even if  just for a heartbeat,  everything was perfect !

IMG_1904 copy.jpg




On a day like this , where dreams come true , where love is in the air, where family  and friends dance with open hearts and hands , I capture memories , precious and sweet, spontaneous and emotional. 

Because wedding photography for me is....

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