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We are always  here for you ! Below you will find some essential information about your wedding day and  some inspiration tips. If you have more questions , send an email or book  a virtual  appointment!


"When I saw you, I fell in love

and you smiled , because you knew."

William  Shakespear 

Wedding Day

This day is devoted to you! I follow you closely and silently during that day, from your preparations to the party, capturing all the details. It's a touch, a smile, a sight, tears of happiness, wishes, dances with open hands and hearts. 

When I collect all the pieces of your precious moments, I edit them and transform  them into a movie or a photo story telling. 

This process is a combination of documentary , romantic movie  with  fashionable  editorial details, filled with love and emotions of happiness!

In most wedding plans a second videographer or photographer is included, and also  aerial scenes to provide a cinematic sense.

All the above to ensure that your day will be completely covered the best way.The only thing you have to do  is to relax and live your special day to the fullest.


 Family | engagement | maternity |baby 

Little moments? They are not little ! That's why you should capture them before they turn into memories.

Engagement, maternity, newborn baby, anniversary are wonderful and important points of our lives, don't just pass them by, capture them and honour them. Luxury is the quality you deserve at any occasion of your life.  That is the  deeper meaning of Lux Filmography's existence. To be part of your life, to offer you the highlights of your life story , the  best captured way.

It is always an easy and fun process! We arrange an appointment to talk about the details. Destination, style, available dates  and little tips ! Although, I suggest you the best destinations for your portraits ( to be as close as possible to what you have dreamed of),  I'll happily travel to any location you like.

                                             Frequently Asked Questions


What is your pricing?

As every celebration is unique, comes with its own set of unique needs.

That means that the services will be different each time. Contact us to create the best service combination, tailored to your desire.

How do I confirm my wedding date ?

Once you've selected your date and we've determined your collection, we've prepare and send a service contract for your review. We ask that you return your signed contract within about a week to ensure your date remains available. Once we receive the contract and 50% services retainer, your wedding date is officially booked! The final balance is due to three weeks prior to your wedding date.



Can I choose only videography or only photography services ?

Of course you can choose the services that you like the most!

What is the procedure after booking?

When you book a service , we arrange an appointment to talk about the details. We help you shape a realistic  timeline, with the valuable help of you wedding planner, to be sure that you'll be in time and you "ll have all the footage of your dreams!

We also share with you all the little tips for your photos and video scenes to look amazing, and many back up plans. It is important to feel relax and enjoy that day to the fullest!



What equipment do you use ?


We use Canon cameras and cinematography lenses. Also , side necessary  equipment  which will transform the footage of your day into a fine art piece.

Who should be included in our family photos ?

Firstly, we will have a family session in which we will  photograph you with your immediate family members (parents and siblings ) and of course your grandparents, if applicable. Please, inform us of any special groupings due to family circumstances(i.e divorce, stepparents etc) prior to that day, so we can appropriately welcome and recognise all of the meaningful relationships in your life.

What we will finally get ?

Photography services : Typically, 500- 700  final images. 


Videography services: A teaser video with the highlights of your wedding and a romantic movie. Teaser video ranges around 1 minute and the movie duration is usually 20-30 minutes. Ceremony wishes and speeches are included.


As editing process is also tailor made, takes some time. All the raw footage must carefully combined and transformed into your fine art piece. 

With passion for details, music and senses that transport you to that day again again, we  focus  on every couple with all our minds and hearts. 

Editing  procedure lasts  about 8 weeks. We then send you an online gallery with the final  photos and the videos. 

RAW Footage. This footage includes all the pieces as they collected. We don't give this footage. We include only the highest quality images and scenes of that day. Omitted images may include blinking, unflattering expressions, or blur. All the final footage receive colour correction, retouching if necessary, exposure adjustments, and flattering cinematic filters.  We also offer outsourced professional retouching for more extensive requests. These include all retouching beyond the basics at a rate of 150e./hour. For this, we will provide a quote  for your approval before commissioning any additional work.

Bad weather circumstances / reschedule or relocate the event.

As we prefer to be prepared we talk about the alternatives on our first appointment. We then work together with your wedding planner to come up with a strong Plan B. These are the circumstances in which our experience and expertise pay off in dividends. Although we are always prepared for these circumstances, we believe that the circumstances of every event are unique, and that's how we handle them. The most important thought of that day for us is to offer you excellent services and stand by your side to make that day more joyful to you!


To ensure we are the perfect fit for another, it's very important to know as much as possible about you and your wedding day  prior to your booking. So, please, devote some time to download and read the most important information, keep notes and book an appointment to talk about them and your story, about who you are and what you dream of that day. I look forward to meet you!

                                                                Behind the lens |  Wedding Inspirations & Advices  



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